Mark Wahlberg, Kid Cudi Play Hipsters

The pilot for HBO’s new Mark Wahlberg-Produced, Kid Cudi-starring “How To Make It In America” hit the interwebs yesterday (unfortunately for Entourage fans it’s only playable from America IP Addresses) prompting Gawker’s Brian Moylan to predict a Sex And The City-style NYC invasion. Except instead of 30-something, Cosmopolitan swilling cougars careerists it’ll be Hipsters, a far more delusional and parody-ready subculture infiltrating the Big Apple’s core (wait hasn’t that been happening since forever?).

Either way, Moylan’s point is that there will be more of them. And if “How To Make It In America” is indeed successful/widely watched the grandiose prism with which New York City is viewed through will have any kid in creativity-stifling Sticksville believe that a 12 hour bus ride is all that separates them from Last Night’s Party style cocaine benders, B-List acquaintances and just maybe, Shannyn Sossamon’s boudoir.

With an Ellen Page (Juno)/Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) series in the works (premise: two painfully cool girls relocate from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg to Los Angeles’ Silver Lake in the hopes of becoming artists) and the Jason Schwartzman led “Bored To Death” debuting last year (In which Brooklyn writer Jonathan Ames created a show about a Brooklyn writer named Jonathan Ames) is it time for HBO to rename itself Hipster Box Office?

Check out the “How To Make It In America” trailers below…