People Had The Best Reactions To A Debate About Marie Kondo’s Book Advice

Marie Kondo

If you’ve been on Netflix lately, you might have discovered the wonderful world of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. It’s a delightful series, both educational and motivating, and it’s just pure as hell.

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Butthere have been some rumblings on Twitter over some of Kondo’s tidying up advice.

In the series, the Japanese author and consultant comes to the aid of families who require help in decluttering. In order to sort through their belongings, clients must see if it “sparks joy”. For example: you pick up an old sweater you haven’t worn in years. Just holding it brings back happy memories so on Kondo’s advice, you keep the sweater. Next, you pick up an impulse-buy pair of jeans. You’ve worn them once or twice but they aren’t really your thing so they go in the donations pile.

Kondo applies this to everything. Clothes, toys, Christmas decorations, souvenirs, baseball cards, bits and botts, and booksIn fact in one episode, Kondo helps two writers sort through a whole bunch of books.

Unsurprisingly, the mere idea of this sparked a full-blown debate on Twitter so if you ever doubted just how passionate people are about their books, look no further.

Woof – 20,000 likes on that first tweet and there’s a whole thread in there in which people argue, argue, and argue.

Joanna Robinson, a senior writer at Vanity Fair, continued: “Up to this point I was VERY cool with her whole thing. But in my view you can declutter everything except books and art and plants.” 

It all got a little out of hand and while some people tried to explain Kondo’s philosophy to those opposed, others decided  it was time to take the piss out of the entire thing.

Others just made very good points.

Ah Twitter, you beautiful, beautiful hot mess.

Tidying Up With Marie is available on Netflix. 

You can find her books on her website, HERE