Mariah Carey’s New Christmas Commercial Is So Festive That I Can’t Physically Take It

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is very festive.

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She has been that way from a very young age. This is common knowledge.

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Any Mariah fan knows that the festive season begins at midnight on November 1, and if you are not already festive, well there’s really only on thing to do:

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Enjoy the celebration and don’t complain, because you know what they say about complaining over Christmas:

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With all that said, we’re thrilled to see that Mariah Carey is already diving headlong into this holiday season, as the star of a new commercial for UK potato chip brand Walkers Crisps.

The commercial sees her performing her iconic hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You‘, then reaching out to grab a packet of Pigs In Blankets-flavoured chips.

This leads her to a confrontation with an elf, and you can see the rest below:

Pigs In Blankets is one of two festive flavours launched by Walkers this Christmas, the other being … Brussels Sprout? You’d better believe I am very keen to try at least one of those.

Mariah Carey recently re-released her classic Merry Christmas album in a deluxe edition for its 25th anniversary, featuring a wide selection of new and unreleased material.

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is also set for a re-release in physical formats, including vinyl and a green cassette tape that comes with pop-out Christmas decorations.

This week, Mimi celebrated Halloween with an ’80s hair metal-themed costume …

… but by the stroke of midnight, you’d better believe that she was full of the holiday spirit.

Long live our festive queen.