Mariah Carey Just Definitively Beat The Bottle Cap Challenge, Everyone Else Go Home

mariah carey wins bottle cap challenge

By now you must have seen the most recent “challenge” sweeping the wide wide world of web: the bottle cap challenge, as it’s been dubbed, seems to consist of people delivering roundhouse kicks to the caps of precariously perched bottles, deftly removing just the cap with their martial arts dexterity. It’s… kind of impressive, I guess?

Taekwondo expert Farabi Davletchin is credited with starting the challenge, which was quickly taken up by Jason Statham and then just a massive bunch of others – check out the hashtag if you’ve got a slo-mo bottle-kicking itch that needs to be scratched.

Obviously this has immediately devolved into people doing dumb shit to bottles while ostensibly trying to kick the lid off them. Some of it is… pretty funny.

But by far the best, the undisputed winner, the Queen of the Bottle Cap challenge, is Mariah fucken Carey.

Image result for mariah carey gif

Is anyone surprised that the inimitable Mariah would be the one to sweep out of left field with the best take on this particular piece of viral nonsense? If you are, you shouldn’t be, because once again, MARIAH FUCKING CAREY.

Yes, she did just sing the cap off that bottle. And yes of course it’s a bottle of wine! MARIAH CAREY, BITCHES.

Challenge: won. It’s over. Pack up, go home, and be grateful to live in a world also inhabited by Queen Mariah and her superpowered lungs.