Mariah Carey Used The 10 Year Challenge To Reject The Concept Of Time

The 10 Year Challenge that’s been doing the rounds of every nook and cranny of the internet this week has revealed a lot of solid glow ups from various folk. But one of the unintended consequences of it is that it’s forcing us to face a quandary that we’ve all been collectively avoiding for quite some time: Is Mariah Carey a timeless being sent from the reaches of outer space?

[jwplayer y5bz6doa]

Though it’s been long-suspected thanks largely to Mimi’s apparent age-resistant body, Carey herself may have finally let slip in public this morning thanks to her own take on the 2009 vs 2019 photo phenomena currently dominating your social media feeds.

Observe the apparent space queen from a very distant moon kingdom, in all her glory.

While it seems fairly cut-and-shut on paper, it’s the caption that throws the whole thing into turmoil:

I don’t get this 10 year challenge, time is not something I acknowledge. *Picture taken at some point prior to today


She says that like she has the active choice whether to allow the inexorable march of time any influence over her physical body; like she landed here at some point in the distant past and was given the option to conform to time’s withering clutches like the rest of the Earth mortals, or whether she wanted to remain in stasis – an ageless, timeless, being of light – and rule the world.

To that end, the second half of it begs even more questions: “Picture taken at some point prior to today.” When exactly? If Mariah Carey has outright rejected time as a concept, this photo could’ve been taken literally whenever. Last week? Last month? Ten years ago? Five hundred years ago? Hell, if the model of time she rejected is cyclical, there’s a fair chance it could’ve been taken decades into what we consider the future.

Mariah Carey isn’t just ageless. She’s timeless. All should kneel before her.