Margot Robbie Reportedly Tied The Knot In An Under-Wraps NSW Ceremony

In a sterling bit of celebrity subterfuge, international superstar and pride of the Gold Coast Margot Robbie has reportedly managed to get married without letting the press know precise details of her blessed union.
According to the Courier-Mail‘s sources, she got hitched today to long-term British boyfriend Tom Ackerley, with a beaut ceremony in the northern NSW town of Ewingsdale (take that, Women’s Day sources, no Gold Coast wedding for you!).

The paper reports she was surrounded by a bunch of her m8s who’d flown in from overseas, and that the decor featured floral arrangements with a fair bit of baby’s breath. So, that’s pretty sweet.

The informants seem convinced that Robbie and Ackerley had been planning the wedding for months. 

We’ve got to give them credit for apparently keeping their plans secret for so long, but the recent arrival of Robbie, her brother, the rest of her family, her closest friends, and her partner did suggest something big was in the works.

Plus, while Robbie had apparently sworn the wedding attendees to secrecy, the groom’s brother posted to his socials from Byron Bay‘s Harvest Newrybar, a venue known for hosting nuptials:

A photo posted by James Ackerley (@jfcackerley) on

Here’s hoping the fact that he may be responsible for letting the cat out of the bag doesn’t sour the in-law relationship from the get-go. Are celebrity family Christmas fights more or less dramatic than regular family Christmas fights? We eagerly await updates from those sources.
Image: James Devaney / Getty.