Margot Robbie Reportedly Tapped For Tarantino’s Grisly Manson Murder Movie

Quentin Tarantino has finally goddamn done it: he’s found a real-world story that might just be more violent than his films.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the iconic auteur’s latest project is a movie based on the Manson Family murders, the horrific killings that ended the lives of five people in 1969.
The project is notable for a few reasons: chiefly, it’s an incredibly grisly story, but it was also a real-life event. That marks a departure from his other films, which have all been purely fictitious. 

We mean, we’re sure there are yellow-tracksuited ninjas floating around, but Tarantino is yet to create a film based on something that explicitly occurred in the real world. 

Deadline reports that Margot Robbie has been approached regarding the project, with an eye to cast the Aussie as Sharon Tate, the actress who was pregnant when she became a victim of Charles Manson and his followers. 
It’s also believed Brad Pitt has been spoken to. If that’s the case, it’d mark his second on-screen collaboration with Tarantino after 2009’s Inglourious Basterds.
Jennifer Lawrence is also believed to have connections to the project, but THR notes it’s not thought she has an interest in playing Tate.
If the flick comes to fruition, it’d likely be the penultimate one in his career. Almost a year ago to the day, Tarantino said he’d like to direct exactly 10 films, with the caveat he could make another random one far, far in the future. 
With all that in mind, the project seems like a big deal. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this one. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Deadline.