Margot Robbie is really having a moment right now – she attended the Australian premiere of her new film I, Tonya in Sydney last night and then just hours later, found out she scored her first ever Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of ice skater Tonya Harding in the movie.


So when PEDESTRIAN.TV sat down with the 27-year-old Aussie lege today, we of course gave her massive props for I, Tonya (which we saw last night and it’s bloody good, folks) but couldn’t help wondering what’s next for Gold Coast‘s next-biggest export after tanning salons and beach selfies.

Obviously, Margot does a killer American accent but is a homegrown twang on the cards soon?

I never act in an Australian accent, I’d find it really weird to do that now, actually. I could not do my own voice, it would have to be an extreme version of the Aussie accent… maybe the way I used to speak. I used to sound very nasal, VERY Queensland.

Well, if she can’t do her own accent and needs to sound more “Queensland”, we’ve got just the role for her: Pauline Hanson.

Think of it: the highs, the lows, the decades of racism, the “I don’t like its” and “please explains”… plus, she just played a polarising US athlete so a polarising Australian politician should be a breeze, right? Surprisingly, the Oscar nominee wasn’t against the idea.

Check out her best Pauline impersonation in the video below.

Meanwhile, we’re off to pen this masterpiece ourselves. If I, Tonya doesn’t win her an Oscar, we’re willing to bet I, Pauline will.