Consider My Heart Heisted ‘Cos Margot Robbie Will Reportedly Star In An Ocean’s 11 Prequel

Margot Robbie is reportedly going to star in an Ocean’s 11 prequel and that is absolutely ticking all the boxes for my dream film. Heists? Yes. Margot Robbie? Yes. Some sort of fun, team-building montage? Probably.

The claims were first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. According to the publication, Robbie will also produce the film and it’ll be directed by Jay Roach. He previously directed Robbie in the 2019 flick Bombshell and directed the Austin Powers films.

Mike Meyers-as-Austin-Powers cameo? I would like to see it.

We don’t have any details on the script right now, other than it’s being written by Carrie Solomon.

But apparently the film will be set in 1960s Europe. Give me Margot Robbie doing a French accent! Give it to me now!

As pointed out by Complex, setting the film then is interesting because the original Ocean’s 11 was actually made in 1960. That’s right, the 2001 George Clooney and Brad Pitt classic was a remake.

The OG starred five members of Hollywood’s “Rat Pack”: Frank SinatraSammy Davis JrDean MartinJoey Bishop and Peter Lawford.

Because of the setting, there’s a chance it won’t be directly narratively linked to George Clooney’s Ocean’s trilogy or to the 2019 sequel Ocean’s 8.

Unless maybe Margot is starring as Debbie and Danny Ocean’s incredibly cool mum?

Ocean’s 8 gave us homoerotic tension between Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett and for that I am forever grateful. We can only hope there are equally as excellent vibes in the remake.

Per The Hollywood Reporter the film hasn’t been officially greenlit yet but it’s in active development and could start production as early as next year.

I simply cannot wait to see the ragtag group of misfits Ms Robbie leads. And period costumes too?

Surely a film to signal the end of the Bad Times.

Maybe we’ll even get another sneak peak at Margot Robbie’s Letterboxd. ICYMI, fans reckon they found Robbie’s Letterboxd account, which included a list of films to watch in preparation for her starring role in the Barbie movie.

There’s also some more fun tea on the Barbie movie. It’ll apparently be its own dreamhouse of madness, because there’s rumours that the film will feature multiple Barbies and Kens.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have are set to play the principle Barbie-and-Ken. Sex Education star Emma Mackey will also star in the film.

But as per VultureSimu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa (who’ll be taking a break from Doctor Who duties) are rumoured to be starring as Kens. And Issa Rae and Hari Nef will apparently feature as Barbies.

Honestly if the rumours are true, that’s such a fkn great cast that I’d like to see them again in the Ocean’s 11 reboot. No need for a different cast, they already nailed it.