By anyone’s estimation, Margot Robbie has had a pretty stellar 48 hours. Back in Australia to attend the premiere of I, Tonya, the film’s star was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate. And then she discovered that role earned her very first Academy Award nomination.

Footage seemingly from a close confidant’s Instagram has been posted on a popular Robbie stan Twitter account, showing the 27-year-old in the midst of a full-on party. Understandable, tbh.

Robbie’s younger brother Cameron also chucked up a delightful shot of the pair, demonstrating a totally appropriate level of ‘chuffed’.

Robbie’s nomination means she’s joining three other Aussies at the 90th awards ceremony. Editor Lee Smith is in the running for Dunkirk, while the team behind short film The Eleven O’Clock have also been recognised.

Josh Lawson, who wrote and starred in that last one, celebrated in an equally excellent way: with a coffee, and while cradling a wonderful pooch.

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 4.