The Girls From Ramsay Street Might Be Working Together On A Collab For The Ages

If you cast your mind’s eye back to the streets of Ramsay Street, you’ll conjure up plenty of familiar faces that have left a mark in your core memory bank. The alumni cast of Neighbours boasts the likes of totally radical Toadie, Dr Karl Kennedy (will still never forgive) and good old Harold. But arguably two of the biggest names that cut their teeth on the hallowed halls of Erinsborough only to launch into superstardom were Kylie Minogue and Margot Robbie.

(Images: Network 10 / Neighbours)

The former went on to become one of the biggest recording artists in the world with a Grammy Award to her name and the latter has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most talented slashies with acting and producing credits that have firmly cemented her as an A list star.

Well, not to slather your Vegemite toast too hard but I’ve got some news that will titillate and excite. In an interview with E! News the 52-year-old “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” singer opened up about who she would like to play her in a biopic about her life.

“Margot Robbie,” she said. “In my dreams.”

She also went on to say the casting would be a match made in heaven given we wouldn’t need to worry about an American butchering our particular twang.

“She’d have the Australian accent down, that’s for sure,” she added.

Call me nostalgic, call me fantastical or call me patriotic to a fault, but I believe the collaboration between two Aussie female powerhouses might just restore balance in the world and fix climate change, geopolitical tensions and the cost of living crisis. Just a hunch!

While Kylie’s comments may have been off the cuff, I do believe this idea could have legs. The singer is about to embark on a Las Vegas residency and Margot would very much be looking for her next big project following the incredible success of Barbie. I’d like to think they’re in a group chat already discussing the project and sharing Toadie memes.

Kylie’s career is by no means slowing down (Padam) so the idea of a biopic might be a little premature but when the time is right I reckon Margot is the perfect casting choice. If you thought the Barbie marketing campaign was big, wait until you can see what they do with Kylie: From Melbourne to the Main Stage. 

Until then we’ll just have to hold out hope for a Donna and Charlene tête-à-tête when Neighbours returns to screens in this September on Network 10.