Margot Robbie, James Packer & Miranda Kerr Anointed Australia’s Sexiest Denizens

World-renowned adult dating and social media site for ~sexy singles~ and low res amateur pics which could win you a Glamour Model Photo has anointed ascendant Ramsey Street alumni Margot Robbie with the prestigious honorific of The Sexiest Australian of the 2014th Year of the Common Era of Sexy. Mazel, Margot. 
According to Red Hot Pie – that name again, Red Hot Pie Dot Com Dot Au – Martin Scorcese’s 23-year-old sex muse and rumoured Tarzan paramour has been “waving the flag for Aussies worldwide and today she takes home this impressive accolade” commending Robbie for her indomitable services to sexy Brooklyn speech rhythms.
The fifth annual list of sexy Australians compiled by the singles site that borrows its name from steamy baked goods [of the Jason Biggs persuasion?] also includes Mitchell Johnson, whose sexy moustache – may it rest in peace – gets special mention for its role in returning The Urn; Melissa George, a sexy noted croissant connoisseur; Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle; Vikings lead abdominals and the inspiration for Smith Jerrod on SATC, Travis Fimmel; Jackie O, the sexy, shrill laugh track that competes for attention with interminable white noise; Ricki-Lee Coulter, a sexy dîvã; Liam Hemsworth, a hottie with a body; Kylie & Dannii Minogue, sexy siblings, and two contenders for Robbie’s title – who, with respect, were frankly robbed – James Packer & Miranda Kerr, whose boundless sex appeal knows neither limit nor logic. 
Now in its fifth year, former Sexy Australian of the Year winners include Geoff Huegill and The Veronicas’ Jess Origliasso, but not Lisa 🙁

Photo: Anthony Harvey via Getty