Margot Robbie Heavily Reps The Gold Coast On Her Debut U.S. Vogue Cover

Ethereal being Margot Robbie appears on the cover of the June issue of Vogue, wearing a leopard print swimsuit to tie in with her upcoming appearance in The Legend Of Tarzan.


The accompanying profile by Jonathan Van Meter is quite a read – at one point, old mate expresses genuine surprise that Robbie is not a “manipulative sex kitten” like she plays in her movies – and contains a few flecks of solid gold. 
For example, the following passage, when Robbie explains how she decided to become an actress:
“I was watching TV one day – maybe I was fifteen. There was a girl my age doing a scene, and she said her line, and it was just not that good. And I remember thinking, I could have done it better. And then I thought, Well, why is she doing it? Why isn’t it me?”
Then there’s the bit in which she discusses her culture shock on moving to Melbourne from the Gold Goast, for her first big acting gig on Neighbours:

“One of our instructors, Kenna, a daffy redhead wearing comically large yellow sunglasses, remembers Robbie from her last visit. As Kenna is buckling us into our safety harnesses, she asks Robbie what part of Australia she’s from. “Gold Coast in Queensland,” says Robbie, her accent thickening at the mere mention of her homeland. “I watch a lot of really trashy TV,” says Kenna, “including Australia’s Next Top Model, and the girls from Gold Coast are definitely not respected by girls from Sydney and Melbourne.” Robbie laughs knowingly and says no, but because she has just slipped into full-on Australian-accent mode, it comes out as neeerrroh! “I had no idea I was living in a state that gets laughed at until I moved to Melbourne,” says Robbie, “and then someone was like, ‘Ohrrr, yar from Queensland, eh? You put “Eh?” on the end of your sentences because you’re all a bit slow.’ And I was like, ‘Is this a thing? That Queensland is the dumb state?’ It’s so embarrassing.”

Don’t ever be ashamed, Margot. GOLD COAST 4 LIFE. 

The Legend Of Tarzan is out July 7, while Robbie’s other big movie this year, Suicide Squad, hits screens on August 4. Check out her Vogue cover below:

Source: Vogue.

Photo: Ron Galella / Getty.