Margot Robbie has recounted blowing an audition by accidentally taking a double dose of painkillers and showing up blind.

The actress recalled how she went straight from a surgery straight to an audition and it… didn’t go too well for her.

On the way to the audition, her friend offered her painkillers that were typically used to treat pain from root canals.

“When he said, ‘Take two’ I thought he meant to take two as the dosage, but he really meant to take two just in case I needed another one later,” she told The Sun.

“I didn’t get time to eat breakfast so, on an empty stomach, I had two. I’m driving and halfway there I was suddenly like, ‘Oh my God, what a lovely day it is!'”

“I was off my head. It was a terrible audition, I’m sure!” Margot added.

She went on to reveal that she had a driving test to go to after the audition, but after realising that she’d taken too many prescription pills, she decided to cancel.

She then went and found a mate who worked in the building where the audition was taking place and asked her to help her out.

“I ran to her office and was like, ‘Can you give me food or something? I think I’m high. I’m not sure but I think I’m high, help me’. It was hilarious,” she said.

In another interview over the weekend, Margot Robbie revealed her biggest fear about her career.

“Honestly, this keeps me up at night, this very question,” Margot told The Daily Telegraph.

“Maybe it’s all downhill from here. Maybe I’m at the top and it can’t get any better,” she said.

She added that she still has “a lot to give” as an actress. That’s the spirit, doll.