Our Lord Margaret Pomeranz Has Decreed The One Film That Is The Actual Worst

When it comes to film reviews, in Australia there are two names, and two names ONLY, to give a shit about. David Stratton, and Margaret Pomeranz. 

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While their series At The Movies ended in 2014, the pair still hold weight when it comes to film opinions, so when we heard that Margs had finally revealed the one flick that made her WALK OUT of a cinema, we sat up and took notice.

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images

Margie told Foxtel magazine that the worst film she’s ever seen was none other than the 2003 remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Remember it? It had Jessica Biel in it during her 7th Heaven.

“I was in a cinema and there was about 10 single men sitting around, and I just thought, I don’t have to see this,’ she said of the screening.

She went on to describe it as ‘torture porn’.

Certain genres are not to my taste — prison dramas, man’s cruelty to other men or women… I used to embrace violence in cinema in a lot of ways, but I’m reacting against that.

So there you go, mates. A reminder that in the Church of Margaret Pomeranz, slasher films are no bueno.