Marc Fennell is That Movie Guy, the triple j film critic who has been helping useless cinephiles like us get laid for years with his witty reviews of what’s worth seeing on the big screen. Now he’s written a book to help guide us through the video store, too. What a dude.

That Movie Book, which hits the shelves in about a fortnight, is a comprehensive guide to those well-known moments when you’re standing in the aisles of your local with absolutely no freaking idea what to rent for the night, even though you know there’s so much shit you should watch. It’s that feeling of dread when you take out another Will Ferrell flick, start driving home and realise you were really supposed to watch John WatersCry Baby because you saw him on Q+A that week. We all have those moments – I have them pretty much every time I step foot in one of these places – and now Fennell has given us 52 weekends full of material so we never have to fake knowing who Gus Van Sant is ever again. Watch below as Marc gives you a far more animated explanation of his Holy Bible.

That Movie Book is out via HarperCollins/ABC Books on November 22. Get one for your Mum for Christmas. If it does the trick, you won’t have to call her on the weekend for a whole year.