Jonah Hill & Emma Stone Get Lost In Their Own Minds For The ‘Maniac’ Trailer

When we first saw them tee off each other in 2007’s Superbad, it didn’t seem likely Jonah Hill and Emma Stone would team up in 2018 for what appears to be one of the most ambitious sci-fi series in recent memory. Yet here we bloody are.

Netflix has just unveiled the first full trailer for Cary Joji Fukunaga‘s upcoming Maniac, a show which promises to follow the subjects of a revolutionary drug trail – portrayed by Hill and Stone, obviously – as they journey into their own damn brains.

While previous teasers proudly wore the influence of Stanley Kubrick, the new trailer flashes feels like a grab-bag of modern cinematic history, at times recalling the mind-melting work of Michel Gondry, Christopher Nolan, and David Lynch. 

Sally Field and Justin Theroux add even more heft to the project, which will arrive on the streaming service September 21.