It’s rare that a story leaves us genuinely gobsmacked, but this one has done the job. 

The Herald Sun report that a Chinese businessman by the name of Yu “Martin” Xu is suing the parent company of a Sydney-based escort agency, claiming he paid them $3.74m for sex with a trio of international movie stars and models, but was then stood up.

Mr Xu alleges that, in 2014, Royal Court Escorts promised to hook him up with Megan Fox, Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, and Chinese actress Yang Ying, AKA Angelababy who appeared in the recent Independence Day: Resurgence.

(There is, of course, no suggestion that any of the three women are escorts, despite whatever the prospective client claims he was told).

According to his NSW Supreme Court filing, Mr Xu paid a $24,000 “joining fee” to the agency to access its services, then made subsequent payments in increments, throughout 2014, which he is now seeking to recover. 

Xu was allegedly told that the women would meet him anywhere in the world he if covered their transport and accommodation costs. He says he arranged meetings with the three in China, but none of the three ever showed up.  

The agency, which also operates under the named Royal Court Royal Club, Billionaires Australia Escorts and Sydney Escort Services, offers liaisons with escorts in major cities around the world. 

Xu is suing its parent company for misleading and deceptive conduct and unjust enrichment. The Herald Sun report that they plan to defend against the claim, but have yet to file any paperwork with the court. 

Source: Herald Sun.

Photo: Randy Holmes / Brent N Clarke / Getty.