Man Dressed As Batman Arrested For Lighting Bin Fires In Townsville

A man dressed up as Batman was apprehended in Townsville last night after setting fire to “a book repository at a local library” and “two charity bins” for reasons known only to the voices in his head.  

The Australian reports: “Police nabbed a man dressed as the comic strip character overnight, after a series of fires broke out in the north Queensland city. The first was in a book repository at a local library. Two charity bins later went up in flames. So far no charges have been laid, but a man in a suit, mask and flowing cape is assisting police with their inquiries.”

Police, withholding a crucial piece of information we think will greatly affect the outcome of his sentencing, are yet to confirm exactly which Batman era we’re talking about here; goofy Adam West era Batman or the newer, self-serious, built in six-pack one.

Our legal recommendation? Plead insanity and use “the Alfred defense”.

Via The Australian