Major Losers Succeed At ‘Biggest Loser’ Finale

Even if you haven’t religiously followed The Biggest Loser: Next Generation from the beginning, really it’s the grand finale with its thrilling before-and-after makeover reveal and last chance weigh-in that is the cream of the series. Last night mother-daughter combo Robyn and Katie Dyke were anointed the biggest losers after dropping a miraculous 86 kilograms collectively over the three months on the show. The Tasmanian pair take home a $200,000 purse which they will spend on foraged food and contemporary modes of exercise, such as the yoga that involves dangling from a length of cotton rag.

Robyn and Katie may have been coined the official “big losers” of the night, however massive losers is an apt descriptor for the . I found myself involuntarily cheering gleefully when 52-year-old Melbourne contestant Janet (below with daughter Kirsten) swanned out in a banging sequined ball gown and said “I thought my relationship with my husband was good before…” and everyone in the audience/me hooted immaturely.

Another mindblowing transformation was father-son team Gerald and Todd who lost a collective haul of 94.2kg and a lifetime of crippling self-esteem issues. Scroll down to witness their astonishing before-and-after shots. Feels good man.

Janet and Kirsten

Gerald and Todd

Images via Biggest Loser website.