Maggie Beer Is Hosting Online Cooking Classes So She Truly Is A National Sweetie Pie

Maggie Beer

National treasure Maggie Beer has been hosting online cooking classes to help you reconnect with your kitchen in isolation. I will admit I am tremendously late to the party on this one, but I am confident that Maggie Beer will single-handedly pull me out of my isolation rut. She is the light at the end of this very dark tunnel. Enough said.

Maggie has shared a slew of home recipes from her kitchen in the Barossa Valley, including an apple and potato bake, trio of greens, and sweet potato lasagna. My mouth is watering.

The tutorials are available on both Facebook and Instagram, by the way, so whatever floats your boat. As expected, Maggie talks you through the entire process of making a lovely home-cooked meal. Sometimes she chucks in a couple of wholesome stories too. And tips and tricks!

Honestly, these videos are like a warm soothing hug on a really shitty day.


I just had lunch but I feel like I could demolish all of these plates.

If you want even more goodness, you can sign up to Maggie’s Food Club for access to her entire library of recipes and go-to products. Once a month, you’ll also cop her personal newsletter in your inbox, Sharing the Table. It’s chock full of anecdotes, stories, recipes, ideas, and seasonal Maggie Beer wisdom. She’ll also let you know about upcoming special events like appearances, book signings, and other special occasions you can attend.

I don’t know about you lot, but my iso diet is about 90 per cent basil pesto. I’m not even sorry. Pesto’s the shit.

I love her, I bloody love her.

Happy cooking, friends.