Aussie hero Magda Szubanski isn’t letting Pete Evans’ conspiracy theorist followers fat-shame her on social media and she honestly deserves a medal. 

The COVIDiot Pete Evans made a post on Facebook criticising Magda and other well-known celebrities, who have featured in ads encouraging Victorians to wear a mask.

If you thought the post was bad enough, Pete’s fans took it upon themselves to use the post as a springboard to start fat shaming Magda. Yuck. 

The comments are enough to make your blood boil; calling her names like ‘cow’ and ‘pig’.

It’s funny how when people don’t have logic or credibility to back themselves up they resort to fat shaming and belittling comments to bring people down. 

Thankfully, Magda simply wasn’t putting up with that nonsense, blasting Pete and his followers on Twitter. 

A quick check of one of Magda’s bullies’ accounts showed me they’re the kind of person who shares those spammy Ray Ban sunnies posts, which says it all, really.

Magda Szubanski Rips Into Pete Evans’ Conspiracy Theorist Fans After Fat-Shaming Her Online

Magda, of course, clapped TF back and points out that it’s bloody disgusting people are so quick to dismiss fat bodies. She stressed that kind of language insults “all the fat nurses, doctors, ambos etc who give so much.”

She also reminded her followers that her Polish gran was “fat & a nurse” who risked her live to protect Jewish people from the persecution of Nazis during World War II. 

*picks crown up off the floor* I think you dropped this, Queen. 

According to himself, Pete has also been shadowbanned from Facebook after this behaviour, I wonder why. This alleged shadowbanning comes after Facebook made some tiny steps to limit the spread of misinformation on its platform. 

Pete is clearly the is the master of disseminating what he considers to be ‘fake news’, claiming that COVID-19 was a “fucking hoax” and a “scamdemic”. He’s also apparently immune to coronavirus because he follows a Paleo diet. Righteo mate.

Honestly, thank god we have people like Magda in our lives and if anything it’s a fat shame we have to deal with people like Pete Evans.