Legendary Aussie comedian Magda Szubanski has hit out at a nurse who allegedly tweeted about her stay in hospital while she was recovering from surgery.

The Kath & Kim star, who recently underwent an operation, voiced her concern about the incident on Twitter in a reply to the now-deleted tweet by a nurse.

“By the way which hospital was this?” She began.

“Post-op is an extremely vulnerable time and I think your employers would be very concerned for the privacy of any patients in your ‘care’.”

“I have to say it was quite upsetting to find that in my feed. Made me feel very vulnerable and unsafe,” she continued.

In a subsequent post, she insisted that she “bloody loves nurses and medical professionals” but was upset by the breach of privacy.

She later revealed she “had my gall bladder out. And pancreatitis,” adding that the pain was “excruciating.”

Wishing you a speedy recovery, doll!

Image: Getty Images