A MAFS Wedding Guest Showed What BTS Is *Really* Like & It Seems A Bit Shit

MAFS wedding

A guest at one of the weddings on Married At First Sight this season has cheekily shared a slew of BTS videos on TikTok and Instagram, revealing what it’s like to go to one of those things. Seems kinnnnnda shit.

The TikToks were originally shared on Instagram in February by radio announcer Annabelle Brett, which should tell you all you need to know about whose wedding she went to.

Then So Dramatic! reshared the TikToks, so here we are.

Naturally, guests didn’t really know what was going on as they were shuffled into a bus that took them from Canberra to Sydney.

“So we don’t know what the location is, we’ve got some guesses, but they take us to a hotel and then from there we go,” Annabelle shared at the beginning of her video.

Apparently guests weren’t even allowed to ask where they were going, which seems a bit much.

Annabelle captured a lot of giggles with her mates, having her temperature checked, and the filming crew. She even caught the bride speaking to the camera before she walked down the aisle, as well as the fooood on offer.

The guests were served canapés and drinks on the bus, which is certainly a vibe. One person joked that he hadn’t eaten in eight hours and what do they serve? Tomatoes on a stick. As someone who gets extremely hangry, I absolutely would’ve hated this.

So, whose wedding did these people go to?

MAFS villain Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson‘s wedding! Ha.

Bryce, for those who have forgotten, is also a radio announcer.

Annabelle didn’t film Bryce or Mel, though, which we assume is because phones weren’t allowed when the cameras were rolling.

You have to wonder if any of these people predicted the horrible behaviour their mate (???) was about to display on national TV. Surely someone there knew this was coming.

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