The last few nights I have gone to bed angry and frustrated. No, it’s not my special lady week… I’ve just been watching too much MAFS. This god damn show has been stressing me out because of the Carolina/Olivia/Domenica hate triangle and it seems the internet is just as frustrated by what’s unfolding on our screens.

The nastiness and toxicity shown by both Carolina Santos and Olivia Frazer in recent MAFS episodes makes Br*ce from last season look like a nun. From Carolina’s constant belittling of her partner Dion by laughing at his dancing and calling him unattractive, to Olivia’s snide comments toward Domenica and calling her voice “annoying” – this pair are vile to the extreme.

Just when we think they can’t get worse, they continue the high school bullying antics and it’s fair to say people on Twitter are exhausted by it.

Most people have had the displeasure of meeting an awful human like Olivia or Carolina, but to see so much of that toxic behaviour in one go is hard to stomach. I can’t think of anything worse than watching my high school bully on a reality TV show, and like one person on Twitter describes it’s quite “triggering” to see the pure embodiment of a school bully on your screen.

All this talk from Olivia about Dom being “white trash”, yet she is the real trash here. It’s time for the trash (Olivia and Carolina) to take themselves out.

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