MAFS’ Tayla Winter & Rupert Bugden Have Sparked Dating Rumours & Where Did This Come From?

We may be approaching the end of Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2023, but it doesn’t look like the public interest in the cast’s dating lives is going to go away any time soon.

This week, pics taken of Tayla Winter and Rupert Bugden during filming for the MAFS Reunion in December have emerged.

While it sounds innocent enough, the pap shots were taken of the pair in the early hours of the morning as they returned to their hotel in Sydney’s Zetland.

A source who saw the pair hanging out says that Tayla and Rupert were clearly ~vibing~.

“Tayla and Rupert seemed really comfortable with each other,” they told The Daily Mail.

“They were laughing and joking around, and it was clear that they have a strong connection.”

The thing is, if you have a geez at the pics HERE, they don’t look very loved up. They look frosty as hell.

But according to the source, as soon as they noticed the photographer, they distanced themselves immediately. Nicely played, my friends.

The source alleged that their early morning meet up was an attempt to keep it a secret from Rupert’s on-screen wife, Evelyn Ellis.

“Rupert’s partner Evelyn found out and boy was she unhappy,” they said.

“She didn’t think it was a good look.”


These pics could just be two mates hanging out after a long day of filming. After all, they went through the MAFS experience together and that’s a doozy that only a select bunch of people can truly relate to.

And while it could all be an absolute stretch to assume they’re hooking up based on a bunch of rogue photos, I ask you to scroll through the pics and focus on Rupert’s shoes.

In some of the shots, he’s seen wearing the iconic New Balance 550’s (I’m sorry, it’s an obsession, please bear with me). Whereas in others, he’s wearing white slides, something croc-adjacent.

Could these pics show Rupert and Tayla going to and from his room?

If I’m right about this there won’t just be paint on your face, pal. There will be EGG. (Credit: Instagram / Rupert Bugden @rupertbugden )

It’s only a hypothesis but I feel like we’re onto something here, folks.

That’s my detective cosplay done for the day. I guess only time will tell whether these two really are romantically involved, or if this was a big ole’ publicity stunt.

Don’t forget to tune in to the final two episodes of Season 10 on Sunday April 2 and Monday April 3.