Forget Olivia Frazer, it looks like Tamara Djordjevic is fast becoming the next MAFS villain — according to So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto anyway. The gossip journo claimed in her latest podcast episode that Tamara sent “abusive” voicemails to her and “harassed” other MAFS cast members over the phone. Oof.

Megan Pustetto, queen of receipts, shared recordings of the voicemails after she received eight missed calls from a private number.

“Megan you fucking salami cunt, answer your phone,” the first voicemail said, which Megan described as an ethnic slur targeting her Italian heritage.

“What [sic] are you scared of a private number for, dickhead?”

Megan said the second voicemail also appeared to be from the same person.

“Megan how do you sleep at night, honestly?,” it said.

“Living like a troll on social media at other people’s lives [sic]. I honestly do not understand.”

“We don’t understand how someone like you can sleep at night,” the voicemail continued.

“You must be sad. Very sad. You are the biggest loser honestly.”

The speaker of the voicemails doesn’t identify themselves in the recording so we can’t be sure about who is behind the call, but you can listen to the full recordings here.

If you thought the chaos ends there, you’d be wrong.

Fan fave Domenica Calarco, who Tamara fueded with on the show, claimed she was “screamed” at over the phone later that same night.

“[Tamara] literally screamed at me calling me a cunt,” Domenica told So Dramatic!.

“She then said to me, ‘have you got your fucking teeth fixed yet?'” she claimed.

“I just laughed and then she hung up. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to give them anything but I am furious.”

Dom’s bestie Ella Ding also claimed Tamara called her that night, apparently to brag about her new relationship with Ella’s ex Mitch Eynaud.

Just when we thought this season couldn’t get any messier, hey?

PEDESTRIAN.TV is not suggesting the speaker in the voicemails is in fact Tamara.

Tamara and Nine declined PEDESTRIAN.TV’s request for comment.