14 Ex-MAFS Stars Have Been Targeted By A Fucked-Up Reddit Page That Leaked & Rated Their Nudes

Multiple former MAFS brides have been targeted in a nude photo leak in which their OnlyFans photos have illegally ended up on a public Reddit page.

According to The Wash, a subreddit that has over 11,000 members has been sourcing and distributing OnlyFans content created by MAFS stars.

Apparently members have been requesting the pics and videos of specific MAFS stars, prompting other users to gather the content and leak it for them all to “see and rate.”

Since the content is behind a paywall on OnlyFans, this is a breach of their copyright and costs creators heaps of money that they should be receiving from subscribers.

The publication revealed that 14 MAFS stars have been targeted, including Booka Nile, Jessika Power, Susie Bradley, Tamara Joy, Ines Basic, Ashley Irvin, Vanessa Romito, Hayley Vernon, Mishel Karen, Amanda Micallef, Alana Lister, Jamie Gardner, Olivia Frazer and Stacey Hampton.

“The whole thing reeks of creepy perversion and is a rancid violation of basic dignity and privacy,” Nile told The Wash.

“Whilst some people may turn around and try and shame those who have had their content leaked, I hope that most will realise that the only ones who should be deeply ashamed right now are those behind the leak and those endorsing it.”

In a comment on The Wash’s post, Booka added: “I wonder how many of the creepy, pervy leakers involved in this are 48yo and live in their mums basement. My guess is 100% of them with zero outliers.”

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the subreddit has since been shut down and banned following complaints from multiple users.

Reddit has also issued the following statement: “This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit.”