Who’s Gonna Tell Old Mate Daniel That He Did Not ‘Win’ MAFS Bc It Wasn’t A Fkn Competition?

Daniel holmes MAFS instagram 2022

Update — April 29: Dear fans, friends and Married At First Sight connoisseurs, a new champion in the petty post-show Olympics has emerged.

The cast of MAFS got back access to their Instagrams this week and it’s been sheer chaos ever since. I mean, did we expect anything less after the messy AF season we just had?

But amid all the petty captions and vague posting, one unexpected MAFS lad has emerged supreme: Daniel Holmes.

To jog your memory, Daniel was initially coupled up with Jess Seracino. It all went up in flames when she called him a ” little bitch” and got resoundingly called out for it.

But then Daniel entered a flirtation with Carolina Santos, who was coupled up with sparkly king Dion Giannarelli. They later tried to re-enter the experiment as a couple but were barred by experts Mel Schilling, John Aiken and Alessandra Rampolla.

Never thought I’d say it but God, I miss that show.

According to Instagram Daniel and Carolina are still together. And for some reason, he thinks he “won” MAFS.

The MAFS cast member (not star, since he left the show pretty fkn early) put “@mafs 2022 winner” in his Instagram bio.

News flash mate: it wasn’t a competition! And even if it was, you sure as hell didn’t win since you didn’t make it with your own bride and weren’t allowed to enter with your new gal. The audacity!

Daniel Holmes MAFS 2022 Instagram

Daniel has also used the platform to seemingly roast John Aiken. Toot toot, beep beep, all aboard the shade bus.

Daniel posted a carousel on Insta of him and Carolina. It included paparazzi snaps of the couple, a cuddling pic and a video from the show.

“What a ride! Let the next chapter begin,” he captioned it.

The video? John Aiken telling the pair they’re “trying to compensate but failing miserably as a couple”.


And if that wasn’t spicy enough? Daniel tagged John’s Instagram in the first pic of him and Carolina.

It’s unclear whether the post was supposed to be a dig at John Aiken’s expertise or if Daniel just really wants him to see how loved up he and Carolina are.

One thing is clear though. The drama simply does not stop with this cast.

Original — April 26 

The day has come friends — the 2022 class of Married At First Sight have regained full control of their Instagram accounts. Like clockwork, all the petty bullshit and barely-cryptic captions are being slapped up for everyone to read.

Some of this year’s cast has resumed posting through it and others are a little slow on getting back to posting thirst traps on main (must be nice to be offline). So let’s have a little peruse through all the delightfully shady shit the MAFS cast threw up on Insta as soon as they got their passwords back.

Brent Vitiello was quick to hit his Insta Stories with a cheeky wander around a Quay Sunglasses event he was at with fellow groom Jack Millar, who was taking things very seriously — as always.

MAFS instagram accounts
[Image: Instagram / @jackomillar]
The pair also jumped on an Instagram Live video on Wednesday night, which surely went down a treat with MAFS fans.

MAFS instagram accounts

“It’s been a minute!” Brent said to the camera, before taking some videos with his best man Levi Neufeld and Love Island star Taku Chimwaza and trying on some new shades.

MAFS instagram accounts
[Image: Instagram / @brentleon_]
Brent also gassed up the new account he’s launched with fellow MAFS groom and bestie Al Perkins called @TheLifeOfBrentAndAl. At the moment it’s just got one video (of Al making an omelette with his shoe) but surely there will be more chaos from that joint account soon.

Speaking of Al Perkins, he’s back on his own account too. He posted up a cute pic of himself (possibly third-wheeling) on the St Kilda beach ferris wheel with Brent and Ella May Ding. It gives massive puppy dog vibes and I can’t help but simply adore him for this energy.

Root rat of the season Daniel Holmes is back on his own Insta as well. He posted an Insta story with the simple caption “Dad’s back” and what looks like a new set of very white teeth.

MAFS instagram accounts
[Image: Instagram / @_danielholmes_]
Good for you, dude.

Unsurprisingly, the more pointed shade and petty captions are coming in thick and fast from the MAFS brides this year. Let’s start things off with Tamara Djordjevic, shall we?

She posted a mirror selfie with the caption “never take advice from someone who’s life you wouldn’t want to live”. I’m not sure if she’s talking about herself or someone else here, so I’m not sure if we should… take this advice from her.

Tamara’s also trying to get her followers to jump ship and start following her on TikTok as well. She posted up an Insta story directing people to her TikTok, which is an option should you wish to take it.

A couple of days ago Selin Mengu posted up a wonderfully cryptic post on her Insta — showing off her artistic flair with the same photo in colour and black and white.

She paired the post with a caption that reads: “The past is like using a rear-view mirror. It’s good to glance back and see how far you’ve come but if you stare too long you’ll miss what’s right in front of you.”

Mmmm yes, much to consider.

Domenica Calarco has kept things pretty low key (and perhaps taken the high road?) and done the absolute least. She changed her profile picture to a film camera snap of herself and popped up an Insta story of a piece of Vegemite toast cut and shaped into a love heart.

MAFS instagram accounts

And finally, the ultimate deemy of the season Olivia Frazer is back on socials with a vengeance (and with comments limited on her posts).

She posted a photo of herself with a cocktail and a pert smile with the caption: “Cheers to getting better and not staying bitter”.

Babe, we’ve asked you before and we’ll ask you again: just tag the gals you’re pointing the finger at already. Yeesh.