MAFS tonight was UNHINGED, you guys. Need a refresher? Read the recap. But one moment that had Australia floored was when Stacey – upon finding out her husband Michael and friend Hayley had allegedly hooked up – decided to entirely lay the blame on Hayley.

Things unfolded dramatically at the dinner party, with Hayley saying she and Michael kissed on a drunk night out, then Michael denying that happened and saying he barely remembered it all. When Stacey jumped in to throw her two cents on the table, I think we all thought she’d be screaming at them both – but she turned all her wrath onto Hayley.

And then this pearler – what a gem of a tweet.

Look, end of the day – this was clearly a “it takes two to tango” situation, and it’s reprehensible that in 2020 we’re doing the “IT WAS ALL THE WOMAN AND HER WILY WAYS” bullshit still.

Michael is a demon too!