MAFS Fans Are Shocked Cody Acted Like A Decent BF After 8 Wks Of Doing The Bare Minimum

mafs selina cody sea otter

MAFS fans were absolutely gagged Cody Bromley finally acted like a decent boyfriend to Selina Chhaur after eight weeks of doing the absolute bare minimum.

Selina told producers when the pair first got hitched Cody reminded her of a sea otter. Selina then began referring to Cody by the cheeky nickname. So he surprised her in Monday night’s episode by adopting a fuzzy guy through the World Wildlife Fund in her name.

It was a pretty sweet moment. But it felt a bit strange because Cody hadn’t been the best partner for Selina over the experiment.

He told her early into the experiment he didn’t find her as attractive as other women because she’s Asian. Selina revealed in that same episode she has been bullied her whole life for looking Asian.

Then Cody’s housemate Zac hung up a hugely insensitive poster poking fun at Selina’s crotch. Cody didn’t take down the poster when he and Selina went to bed later that night nor did he call out his friend for it.

He also snubbed Selina of a cuddle and brought up Dom’s pic at the dinner party despite the fact his wife and Dom were mates. Selina apologised for his behaviour.

So this wholesome gesture on Monday came as a total shock to viewers.

“Cody, you couldn’t have behaved this way the whole time,” said one fan.

“Still don’t like Cody but that sea otter thing was really cute,” added another.

“OK that’s possibl[y] the best thing Cody has done the entire experiment,” said a viewer. Probably when they looked back on all the BS Cody has put Selina through this season.

But some fans felt Cody was still doing the bare minimum in Monday’s MAFS ep.

One joked the bar was so low that all Cody needed to do was say good morning and Selina would say he made a wildly romantic gesture.

“If the bare minimum was [a] person it would be Cody,” said another.

This next one made me chuckle.

Here were the other best tweets about Cody adopting a sea otter in Selina’s name in Monday night’s MAFS episode.

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