Turns Out Bryce Wasn’t The Only One With A Secret Bae On MAFS & Ugh, I Can’t Keep Up Anymore

Turns out Bryce Ruthven and Beck Zemek weren’t the only cheeky MAFS contestants with secret bfs/gfs during this season of the controversial show, there are actually two more contestants who left boos behind for their five minutes of fame.

The hot goss comes from entertainment podcast So Dramatic!, and honestly where else would we get such wondrous intel? According to the pod, both Brett Helling and Joanne Todd had partners on the outside prior to filming. A little spy (who knows a friend of Brett’s ex-GF) told the pod that Brett dumped his former-bae to go on the show and get cozy with metal-chick Booka.

What’s worse is that the moustache-clad hipster didn’t even tell his ex that he was going on the show, she had to hear it “through the grapevine” that he was in Sydney shooting MAFS.

So Dramatic! double checked the info with a source close to Booka, who confirmed it was correct. In fact, it looks like the ex-girlfriend actually reached out to Booka post-filming. OOFT. We stan exes who become friends, like a real-life version of that movie The Other Woman.

Joanne, on the other hand, didn’t even dump her bae to go on the show, he was waiting for her the whole bloody time. A source told So Dramatic! that Joanne was with a man also called Joe, and since returning home the two are now living together.

“He is thirty and from Langwarrin but they live together in the Pines (pretty much the Bronx of Frankston). They were dating before the show but she didn’t want to give up her once in a lifetime opportunity after she missed out on Farmer Wants a Wife years ago,” the source told So Dramatic! 

Rumour has it that Joe was sending Jo flowers while she was quarantining prior to filming MAFS to “stop her” from going on the show. He also sent her flowers and a note during her honeymoon with James, a source revealed.

SD! crossed checked that info with a contestant and they said “yeah, I’ve even get a photo of the flowers.”

“Dear Jo, I miss you,” the note read.

I was rooting fo you Jo! But also happy you’ve moved on from Mr. Gaslighter, James.