MAFS’ Seb Guilhaus Has Slammed Accusations That He Altered His Package In Those Underwear Pics

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Former AFL player and MAFS star Sebastian Guilhaus has responded to claims that he altered those underwear pics to make his package appear larger.

ICYMI: As part of a fitness challenge, Guilhaus has been sharing photo updates in his underwear to track his progress.

Have a peek below:

A couple of his followers have accused him of using props to enhance his package.

“You’re fluffing it up a bit for the photo,” one fan wrote.

Meanwhile another commenter straight-up accused him of “putting a sock” in his underwear.

“A few socks down the front?” wrote another commenter.

In a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Guilhaus called BS on these claims.

“There’s definitely no adjustments made to the pics,” he said.

“Maybe just a little bit crispier from the solarium in the left one and slightly different distances from the camera.”

He also hit back at folks who described the pics as “too graphic” for Instagram.

“I don’t think wearing jocks for a fitness comparison photo is graphic and shocking. Maybe in the 1920s,” he said.

“Over the next few months I’ll be rapidly transforming. I want to reach my peak mental and physical condition after a largely traumatic year.”

Seb Guilhas starred in the 2020 season of MAFS where he was partnered with returning bride Elizabeth Sobinoff.

Elizabeth had appeared in a previous season of MAFS and was partnered with Sam Ball but that soon went to shit so she returned for another go.

Despite their relationship lasting long after the season ended, with the pair even appearing on the MAFS reunion together, they ended up calling it quits for good last year.

He later began dating Ania Kilic and the couple even started a joint OnlyFans account together. But over the weekend, he announced that they had broken up after 10 months of dating.

“Ania and I are taking a break,” he wrote on his IG Story.

“I won’t go into too much detail but our happiness has been suffering for quite some time.

“The best parts have been great but the toxic parts have been debilitating. I need time to gain clarity and to repair myself. Thanks heaps for all your support.”