Following last night’s glorious dumping of Steve at the hands of Mishel (“you have wasted my time”), I didn’t think any future MAFS episode could amount to that level of drama and savagery. Alas, I spoke too soon. Tonight’s reunion dinner party has come and gone, and, well, let’s just say the dining room… imploded.

The reunion took place six weeks after the experiment’s end and, unsurprisingly, 98.2% of couples were single and out for blood. A Stacey-and-Mikey cheating scandal emerged, Aleks and Ivan appeared to be in an ambiguous half-relationship, and a scorned Natasha delivered a mighty big toast.

“They better get ready,” Natasha warned Stacey and Michael at the beginning of the episode, “’cause I’m coming to shake their world.” And that she fuckin’ did.

Head on over to our official episode recap here for the full tea. (Disclaimer: you better have a wine at the ready… it’s a lot.)

Let’s dive into the penultimate Twitter round up, shall we?

Highlight of the episode surely goes to Seb and his discovery that Amanda isn’t into men.

He was like, ‘huh? oh, OH, Ooohhh, coooOOl!’

Much tea has been poured. Cheers.

One more episode to go. Alexa, play Gloria Gaynor‘s “I Will Survive”.

Image: Channel 9 / MAFS; Twitter / @Drake181