Everything We Know About MAFS S8 So Far, Cos I Like To Keep The Trash In One Place


Another year, another season of single strangers marrying each other on reality TV: it’s MAFS S8, baby! Married At First Sight has returned for a whole new year and we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV have got you covered. Here’s everything we know about our fave trash series so far, and we’ll be updating this yarn as the show begins. Strap in.

When does MAFS S8 premiere?

Married At First Sight season 8 is set to premiere February 22 at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

The all-new season will introduce us to 18 new singles, hoping to fall in love (and #sponcon deals).

If you live for the trash, you can stream every episode of Married At First Sight for free on 9Now.

Who are the experts on MAFS S8?

MAFS has welcomed a new expert for season 8, certified clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

Alessandra has over 20 years’ experience in helping couples develop and maintain sexual chemistry, which she believes can be the make or break of any romantic relationship.

Alessandra has replaced Dr Trisha Stratford, who is taking a break from MAFS this year to focus on her writing, research, and neuropsychotherapy.

Alessandra joins returning relationship experts Mel Schilling and John Aiken.

Who are the MAFS S8 brides?

Alana Lister

Alana is a 30-year-old teacher from Queensland, who describes herself as fun, friendly, and fabulous. She’s big on communication, and is looking for a loyal and honest partner, who enjoys deep conversations.

As a dedicated teacher, Alana’s hours can be long, making it difficult to date. She’s been single for three years, but she’s ready for love.


Belinda Vickers 

Belinda is a door-to-door sales representative from Victoria, who describes herself as confident, quirky, and energetic.

The 29-year-old loves dancing and horse-riding, and she’s also very close to her family.

Belinda has never been in a relationship before, so she’s understandably nervous about going on MAFS. Her ideal man is someone positive, comfortable in their own skin, and someone who prefers personality over looks.

Beth Moore

Hailing from WA, 39-year-old Beth describes herself as genuine, big-hearted, and passionate. After her nine-year relationship with her former partner left her heartbroken, Beth put the walls up and withdrew.

She has always wanted kids and just has so much love to give.


Booka Nile

Booka is a muso/mental health worker from WA. She splits her time between her heavy metal band and working in a psychiatric hostel.

The 31-year-old has been single since 2016 and is looking for a partner who she can be her own person with.

Booka describes herself as eccentric, passionate, and musical.

Coco Stedman

Coco is a Pilates instructor from Sydney, who is super energetic and career driven. The 30-year-old has been married before, but her relationship with her ex ended because she felt like came second to the mother-in-law.

Three words to describe her? Fitness, laughter, energy.

Joanne Todd

Joanna is a 39-year-old barber from Victoria, who describes herself as outgoing, caring, and relatable. She’s also super family-oriented and is a mother to three sons.

A dedicated parent, Joanne struggles to meet single men.


Melissa Rawson

Melissa, believe it or not, has never been on a date! She’s been a workplace trainer for 13 years and is super shy and introverted.

The 31-year-old from Victoria is hoping to find a relationship on MAFS, but is nervous about telling her future husband about her dating history.

She describes herself as kind, thoughtful, and sensitive.


Rebecca Zemek 

Rebecca is a 27-year-old business manager from WA, who recently separated from her fiancé after a 10-year relationship.

After there was infidelity on both sides, Rebecca knew the relationship had to end.

Her ideal partner is someone with good banter, cheek and attitude – Rebecca knows what she wants.

Samantha Harvey 

Based in the ACT, Samantha is a 31-year-old property developer and mother to two sons.

Samantha is super strong and driven and is proud to have achieved all that she has in such a male-dominated industry.

Her parents really didn’t like her ex-husband, her partner of 10 years, and didn’t attend her wedding. So Samantha’s excited they’ll at least see her in a wedding dress this time around.

Who are the MAFS S8 grooms?

Brett Helling 

Brett is an electrician and psychology student from Victoria. He volunteers with the Salvos to assist the homeless, and his dream is to open a treatment centre to help the vulnerable.

The 31-year-old is super keen to be a dad, especially since all his mates are partnered up with little ones.

Brett describes himself as funny, funky, and furry.

Solid caption.

Bryce Ruthven 

The super-confident Bryce is a radio announcer from the ACT. He can come across as cocky, he’s also quite opinionated and outspoken. I smellll draaaaama.

Despite recently ending his engagement, Bryce says he’s ready to settle down. His ideal partner is someone adventurous, attractive, and someone who loves sport.

He describes himself as confident, loyal, and witty.

Cameron Dunne

Cameron is 32 years old and he lives in Victoria. The crane operator has been single for two years even since he returned from WA after a stint working in the mines.

He reckons he’s a huge teddy bear and describes himself as a driven, strong, and relentless man.

Jake Edwards 

Jake is a former AFL player, who is now the CEO of mental health charity Outside the Locker Room.

The 32-year-old considers himself to be a pretty old-school bloke, considering he grew up in the country.

James Susler 

At 44, James is a prestige car company owner from Victoria. The divorced father-of-three has been single for a year and loves his luxury lifestyle, read: luxury cars and designer clothes.

His ideal partner is someone with huge passion and drive.

James describes himself as spontaneous, charming, and fun.

Jason Engler 

Jason is a 35-year-old construction estimator from Queensland. Still living life like he’s in his 20s, Jason usually spends his weekends on a bender.

Jason has kinda given up on finding ~ the one ~ so he’s hoping MAFS can do the legwork for him.

He describes himself as laid-back, fun and a total larrikin.

Patrick Hayes-Dwyer

Bubbly, friendly, and upbeat, Patrick is a personal trainer from Victoria. The 27-year-old is a total fitness fanatic who loves competing in power lifting.

He’s keen on travelling, and is searching for someone to continue his adventures with.

His ideal partner is someone loyal, caring, and friendly.


Russell Duance

I cannot deal with Russell’s profile: “he proposed to a stranger on a holiday in Las Vegas as a joke, she loved the gesture, and they started dating.”

And then they actually married, but it only lasted a year! What a yarn.

Russell, a 37-year-old diesel mechanic from SA, owns his own contracting business in the mines.

He’s a big lover of family, food, and bikes.

Sam Carraro 

Sam works in construction, but he also owns a clothing brand. The 32-year-old from Victoria has been single for three years while he dedicated himself to his career.

He absolutely knows what he wants and doesn’t want though, and he’s not afraid to say it.

Sam describes himself as cheeky, fun, and sarcastic.

Who are the MAFS S8 couples?

We don’t know yet! But we’ll update this yarn once season 8 has premiered. Not long now, folks.

Are there any trailers?

Sure are. There are a whole bunch of teasers here, but here’s the main trailer.

Married At First Sight season 8 premieres February 22 on Nine.