MAFS‘ resident himbo and mostly unproblematic fave Patrick Dwyer just got a fancy new dental procedure done, and the man’s gone from vanilla cutie to fuckboy in a way that makes the loins quiver.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Patrick got some porcelain veneers done for a whopping $28,000. Which, TBH, is the level of ‘treat yourself’ I aspire to achieve one day.

He actually got his teeth done at Vogue Dental Studios, who are known for being frequented by reality stars including the likes of Bachelorette winner Carlin Sterrit, and general loser Br*ce Ruthven.

Patrick Dwyer veneers
From himbo to daddy.

“I didn’t realise how bad my teeth were until I saw them on TV,” Patrick told the Daily Mail. He was actually trolled a bit for his looks while he was on MAFS, which is obviously shit, but hey – no one is trolling that face anymore, trust me.

Patrick Dwyer

Pat’s gone from looking like that awkward but sweet, kind of over-enthusiastic guy that shows up to a date 45 minutes early, to a fuckboy that leaves you on read for a month but still checks your Instagram stories.

Patrick Dwyer, who was mostly unproblematic on MAFS (as far as Aussie reality TV goes, anyway) is probably one of the lesser-talked about contestants purely because there isn’t too much to say.

He was kinda geeky in that adorkable way, was paired with another equally low-key lass called Belinda Vickers, and the two of them got on super sweet and didn’t have a lot of drama on the show (though the same can’t be said about afterwards).

They are actually still happily together today, and seem pretty cute. Good for you, Pat.