MAFS Fans Are Already Calling Olivia & Jackson Their Endgame OTP After That ‘Toolkit’ Scene

mafs olivia jackson

The internet is shipping Married At First Sight couple Olivia and Jackson across the Pacific Ocean after Sunday night’s episode.

In case you missed the latest edition of Keeping Up With The Heterosexuals, the experts paired 28-year-old teaching student Olivia with 30-year-old Victorian plumber Jackson.

Both have been through a lot in life and seem like genuine peeps.

Olivia’s father passed away from cancer in June last year and she was his main carer for seven years. She told producers she’s struggled with self-confidence and body image issues because she was overweight.

Jackson grew up with his mum and two sisters and recalled moments when he was younger when he would protect them from his mum’s abusive partner.

TL;DR: they both deserve true happiness. And according to the tweets during Sunday night’s episode, they just found it.

“My God[,] Olivia and Jackson are straight out of a romance novel,” wrote one viewer.

Another summed it up well: “Protect Jackson and Olivia at all costs. MAFS please don’t mess these two up.”

Later in the episode, Olivia opened up to Jackson about her struggles with “a lack of self-esteem”.

“It’s like that broken part of me that will never be fixed,” Olivia said.

What he said left fans calling the couple legit endgame material: “Cool, I’ll bring the toolkit. We’ll fix it up.”

If something happens to ruin this couple’s happiness I will fly into space and find the biggest asteroid I can and singlehandedly hurl it into the Earth. My only worry going forward is what will happen when this pure pair of rom-com stars mingle with some of the more chaotic couples on MAFS this season. Anthony and Holly, I’m talking about you.

In case you missed it, last week introduced us to the other couples this season including the objectively horniest couple made up of the objectively hottest people.

Married At First Sight airs at 7:30 on Sunday to Wednesday nights on Channel Nine and 9Now.