MAFS Fans Were Legit Shocked To See Jackson Finally Show His Ugly True Colours At The Reunion

mafs olivia jackson reunion dinner party

MAFS fans were absolutely shocked to see Jackson Lonie take a page out of his wife Olivia Frazer‘s book and bully Domenica Calarco at the reunion dinner party on Sunday night.

ICYMI, the Married At First Sight stars reunited at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney for a final reunion dinner. Secrets were spilled, boofheads clashed and apologies were once again refused to be given.

Mean Girl trio Olivia, Samantha Moitzi and Tamara Djordjevic went to a corner of the room the second they all arrived so they could talk shit about the other contestants. The cheating duo Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos came in expecting an apology and airtime. But they were hilariously cut off by the show’s editors.

But the behaviour fans were particularly appalled at came from Jackson. Jackson had been pretty passive towards all the drama between Olivia and Dom. Fans were uncomfortable with his relationship with Olivia. They wanted Jackson to call Olivia out on her behavuour. But they noted back then he didn’t seem to be acting so awful to the others as his partner did.

But Jackson acted exactly like Olivia on Sunday. He side-eyed the other guests at the table and gave them all a mad stank face.

The photo scandal was naturally brought up. Dom said Olivia could have knocked on Dom’s door when she found the photo instead of circulate it among the group. Jackson then condescendingly had a go at Dom and defended Olivia’s behaviour.

“She’s not gonna then go, ‘hang on, Dom’s my best friend. I’m gonna go tell her,’” he told Dom.

“It’s on the internet.”

“It’s actually not,” Dom replied.

“It is. It is. Uhh, Google it. It was on there,” Jackson then said.

“It’s not intimate. How intimate is Google?”

It was uncomfortable to see Olivia act this way on the show. But it was particularly concerning to see this behaviour from a man towards a woman. Especially someone like Jackson because he told producers he was an advocate for victims of abuse.

Olivia repeatedly claimed Dom threatened her and was yelling at her when Dom was speaking at a normal volume. But the optics of a tall man yelling at a woman and defending the public shaming of her body made this scene on par with what Olivia had done to Dom.

Jackson said on MAFS his mother was a survivor of abuse. But he doubled down on his behaviour on Sunday in an Insta post shared when the ep aired. That honestly baffled me.

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Fans were absolutely appalled at this interaction. Several viewers felt Olivia had influenced Jackson’s new personality. Or as I like to call it: the Oliviafication of Jackson.

“Has anyone else notice[d] how Jackson has shifted,” asked one viewer as the scene aired.

“He’s now rolling his eyes, muttering comments and having the same expressions and mannerisms as Olivia whenever anyone mentions Dom’s photo.”

“Looks like Jackson’s been brainwashed,” said another fan.

A few viewers pointed out how Jackson appeared to go from someone who supported victims of abuse to someone who encouraged the exact type of emotional behaviour that abusers use.

“Jackson went from ‘I support women and victims of abuse’ to being Olivia’s little minion[.] It’s embarassing,” said one fan.

Here were the other best tweets about Jackson’s Olivia-like behaviour at the MAFS reunion dinner party on Sunday.

We’ll hopefully see Olivia and Jackson face the facts when the experts playback the tapes on Monday in the final ep of the season. You can catch it and the rest of MAFS 2022 on 9Now.