There are many ways that MAFS stars make dosh after their stint on the show: beauty endorsements, starring on other reality shows, kickstarting a YouTube career, nightclub appearances. And in case you were wondering how many dollarydoos they earn, we’ve just copped some tea about how much they make to rock up at nightclubs and bloody hell, where do I sign up for MAFS?

Speaking on his podcast Dangerous Ideas with Deano, Dean Wells revealed that the amount of cash he rakes in for nightclub appearances is in the thousands.

“After MAFS, I was getting paid five grand a night to go to a nightclub, party, full VIP,” he spilled while chatting to Bryce Ruthven.

“They’d send a limo to pick you up, you’re just owning the whole club, everybody wants to party with you.”

“It was some of the wildest nights I’ve ever had.”

Back in 2019, an industry insider told Daily Mail Australia that Cyrell Paule (otherwise known as Cyclone Cyrell) scored $27,000 from nine events with a per night price of “around $3,000.”

This include appearances at nightclubs in Sydney, Rockhampton, Dubbo and interstate to Adelaide and Darwin.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dean Wells discussed his decision to return to MAFS for the reunion.

“If I get a call up to get paid a decent amount of money to go and have a bit of fun and dick around on TV for a couple of nights, of course I’m gonna do that,” he said.

“A couple of people like Tash [Spencer] from the last season of MAFS and a few other people had an issue with all of us going back on the show,” he continued.

In the lead-up to the MAFS reunion, some of the cast salaries leaked, and according to The Wash, each cast member copped a minimum fee of $3,000 for the two-day shoot. This wasn’t across the board, though, as apparently some cast members were “savvy” enough to negotiate a higher pay.

Ya boi Nasser Sultan is reported to have accepted the $3,000 fee “without thinking twice,” as he was probably just eager for his telly return, making him one of the lowest paid.

Meanwhile Ines Basic managed to lock in one of the biggest pay packets as she was able to negotiate a “substantially higher” fee and even scored a sweet hotel upgrade, too.

The publication reports that Ines was only willing to return for “big bucks.”

Meanwhile Tracey Jewel, who was a last minute addition due to the fact that she’s based in Western Australia, so she was previously unable to travel due to the border closure, managed to negotiate herself a higher fee, says the insider.

MAFS is available for your viewing pleasure on Nine Now.