Today has been weird for reality TV has-beens news, guys. First there was the rumour that MAFS star Dean Wells and Bachelor In Paradise’s Elora Murger might be dating (awful), and now… this.

Nasser Sultan, the most has-beeny of has-beens, has filmed himself accosting the poor Facebook/Instagram HQ receptionist about his lack of verification on their social media platforms.

I can’t with this entire thing. I. CANNOT.

FYI if you’re watching at work without sound, here’s what he says:

“I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten my blue tick from Instagram, so look at this, a friend of mine just texted me Instagram’s office and address, I’m going in.”

“Is this Facebook and Instagram? Is it? Oh, cool! It’s Nasser from Married At First Sight, I’m here for my blue tick. Can I come up and get verified, please?”

“No I filled out the forms already! Listen I’ll come up, and we can talk about it. I’ll see you soon.”

“So I came to Instagram, and what happens? I still haven’t got my blue tick, and I got kicked out. This is unacceptable. You haven’t heard the end of me yet, Instagram.”

He even posted not one, but two reminders on his Instagram Story for people to go to his page and watch the thing.


Anyway it’s clearly just a big old despo cry for attention but fuck, I almost love it. Like you could make a fake relationship with a fellow reality TV star, ORRRR you could film yourself screaming into the void at Facebook HQ for a goddamn blue tick. You know? At least he’s being creative with the narcissism.

Image: Instagram / @nassersultan