Ahh, Thursday. My now least favourite day of the week, as its the first night that MAFS isn’t on and I have to be confronted with that empty void in my life I hate dealing with. I suspect some of you feel the same (you *did* click on this article).

But I won’t be dealing with that empty void today, as Daily Mail has leaked throwback pics from the MAFS cast’s MySpace days that have thrown me right back into the MAFS-sphere, where I will happily orbit forever. 

Let’s start from the most emo-ish and work out way down, yeah?

I’m going to give the emo crown to Amanda I think, and I’ll be sending her a septum piercing as a prize.

Here she is today:

And way back. Loving the fiery red bob with moody symbolic lighting over one side of her face, side fringe covering the other. Deep.

Also like this Joan Jett haircut with aviators, I can practically hear the “I Killed The Prom Queen” riff she is definitely playing.

I’m pretty sure these pics would turn Tash on, someone should probably show her.

Second on the emo scale we have Josh. Here’s MAFS Josh:

His 00s haircut essentially qualifies him to be blonde fourth member of Short Stack.

Next up is Vanessa, who is going for a raunchy emo vibe and nailing the brief. Here’s current Vanessa:

A smorgasboard of emo imagery, eyeliner aplenty, cuff bracelet, straightened hair… it’s all happening.

Natasha gives us a RAWR XD vibe in her Myspace day.

Nothing says 2006 like a hand over the ear selfie, it was the go to pose for Myspace emos back in the day. My bestie back then Molly, had 8 million photos in this pose, and so did her online boyfriend from Port Macquarie, Joey.

Cathy is merely dipping her toe into emo waters with a peroxide blonde quiff.

She looks like she might have had a few emo friends. Quiffs are now only sported by the rockabilly community but were more a trend for a time during the late 00s, most girls in my high school did the quiff, and although I was never a fan I would be lying if I didn’t try to ‘quiff’ at least once.

Elizabeth leaked her own throwbacks, thanks gal.

Eyeliner- check, side fringe- check, straightener- check. As emo as Elizabeth could really ever get. A for effort.

Michael: Total goof, no emo in sight. But obsessed with the pics.

Love the ‘little brother with his first third-hand car’ pic. I have one just like it. His lean on the car is something straight out of the Justin Timberlake ‘Like I Love You’ video.

Thanks for the memories Myspace, you truly are the gift that keeps on giving.