‘MAFS’ Star Mikey Was In ‘Home & Away’ For A Hot Second & I Demand The Tapes Immediately

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

I have a theory that 99.99% of Australian personalities have appeared in Home & Away at some point in their lives, and this footage of a young Mikey Pembroke (yep, MAFS Mikey) as an extra on set of Summer Bay further substantiates that theory.

According to Now To Love, Mikey revealed that, prior to his televised marital days, he once graced a Summer Bay hospital bed with presence, even nabbing a couple of lines.

“There was a big argument between two people,” the article reports him saying, about the particular scene. “And I was supposed to say, ‘Oh, hey guys, I’m the one that’s sick,’ or something like that.” Love that for him.

“When I was younger, that’s what I wanted to do. ‘That’s the show that I want to be on.’ But it never eventuated.”

Check him out here. The wee young cherub.

Image: TV Week, Now To Love

There’s also footage that’s been circulating the unforgiving web of Mikey on Deal or No Deal, which your deserving eyes can gaze at over at Daily Mail.

You gotta admire the kid’s hustle, I guess,