MAFS 2021 groom Liam Cooper has taken to Instagram to slam the media for the way they’ve been reporting on him lately, based on his sexuality.

Several recent articles have speculated that he and OneFigure founder Samuel Levi are dating because they’ve been photographed together (???), and he says “shame on you” to those publications.

“Gotta love setting the record straight,” he wrote on Instagram, as shared by the So Dramatic! podcast. “Just because myself and Samuel are both from the LGBTQIA+ community, that doesn’t mean we are dating! I find it sad that ‘news articles’ write shit like this just to write an article. This wouldn’t happen if we were ‘straight.’ I didn’t realise posing for a photo meant we were hugging.”

“This was the point I made before. Any guy I hang around now means I am dating them. Grow up, it’s 2021!” he added.

“PS I am Liam Cooper not Liam Cooper the bisexual.”

He claims that Daily Mail Australia edited an article after speaking to him and still wrote “bisexual groom” in the copy.

He also called out a Herald Sun journalist, writing: “Do you write articles saying MAFS ‘straight’ contestant… or do you just feel the need to label me? I am more than a label. My sexuality shouldn’t have to do with me finding love or anything to that matter!

“I also forget that two guys can’t just be mates if they are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Fellow reality star Megan Marx, who also happens to be bisexual, empathised with Liam Cooper on the So Dramatic! post as she fell victim to this kind of treatment herself after starring on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise.

MAFS’ Liam Cooper Says Certain Journos Should Be ‘Ashamed’ Of How They’ve Reported On His Sexuality

“I remember getting this treatment too. So sad.” she wrote.

In another post, titled ‘BEING BISEXUAL-IT DOESN’T DEFINE WHO I AM,’ he addressed the labels (and the labellers) directly.

I’ve always hated labels. I hate having to say I’m bisexual and that’s not because I am embarrassed or anything like that, it’s because I believe it’s no ones business but your own! It does not change you as a person, As a sister, as a brother, as a friend, nor a cousin!

We shouldn’t live in a world where we have to put labels on each other, PERIOD! however, we live in a world where everyone feels the need to know your business or believes they have the right to know it!

No one has the right to judge you and that’s for everyone (straight, bi, gay, trans) you name it, everyone deserves to be happy and treated equally and respected! If you as person can not accept anyone for who they are without prying into their life, because they want answers!

I am LIAM COOPER, I am not ‘LIAM COOPER the bisexual’ I feel sorry for those people! Maybe you should get a hobby and mind your own business!

Liam Cooper has been targeted by biphobia since his stint on MAFS this year (and during, of course).

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