Married At First Sight fans are checking their breath and throwing out packs of chicken twisties in the cupboard after watching Kate and Matt‘s cringe wedding ceremony on Monday night.

In case you missed it, the experts introduced us to two new couples on Monday. But fans couldn’t stop cringing at the alleged chemistry between the clinical nutritionist and law clerk.

Kate told the producers several times in the episode that she wasn’t vibing with Matt’s horny on main energy at the wedding ceremony. Matt awkwardly continued to aggressively compliment her as she showed clear disinterest in his advances.

Things got even worse when Matt apologised to Kate for having alleged stinky fumes coming out of his mouth hole as his mouth was mere centremetres away from her face. He attributed the stench to a pack of chicken flavoured Twisties he had moments before kissing his bride.

Damn, my guy didn’t even floss or gargle some mouthwash after munching on some strongly scented snacks pre-wedding? Not even for what was supposed to be a top 10 defining moment in his life?

I’m sorry but if a man did this on my wedding day I would simply never speak to him, his family or our mutuals friends ever again.

Kate could be seen mentally malfunctioning at what just happened. The show then cut to a shot of her as she witnessed a That’s So Raven-like vision of her future with this chicken Twisties-tasting man. I’m no psychic but I can almost guarantee it featured a cupboard full of those 25 packs of chippies bags.

Anyway, the internet naturally latched onto this scene. It became the big meme of Monday night’s MAFS episode and honestly with good reason.

“Aussie reality TV coming through with the goods yet again,” tweeted one user as the scene aired on telly.

Another said what we were all thinking as we watched that cringe ceremony: “I think chicken Twisties is a chicken weirdo”.

Another described it as a “history-making moment in real-time”.

Here were the best tweets about Kate and Matt’s wedding on MAFS as well as Matt’s allegedly stinky chicken Twistie breath.

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