MAFS’ Mitch Tried His Luck At Karen’s Diner & It Went About As Well As It Did For His Co-Stars

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS 2022 star Mitch Eynaud decided to try his luck at the infamous Karen’s Diner after the shitshow involving his co-stars and it went about as well as it did for them.

In case you’re not across the bitchy new establishment, Karen’s Diner is a restaurant where the staff are intentionally rude.

Karen’s Diner’s motto is: “Great Burgers & Rude Service” and their slogan warns: “For the love of Karen don’t ask to speak to a manager.”

Who would want to subject themselves to this when the world is already teeming with Karens? Lots of people, apparently! Including reality stars.

During Mitch’s visit to the savage restaurant, a waiter dropped a paper bag on his head that read: “loves sloppy seconds.”

Obvs in reference to Mitch being scooped up by Tamara Djordjevic after he and Ella Ding split up.

It comes after MAFS villains Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie visited the diner with their co-stars Cody Bromley, Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos.

For Olivia, I’m sure visiting Karen’s Diner is like the mothership calling her home.

During their visit, one of the Karen waitresses popped a paper bag over Olivia’s heads with the words “subscribe to my Only Fans (I need the follows),” as documented by Daily Mail Australia.

Ooft. (Credit: Daily Mail Australia)

MAFS fans interpreted this as the cast making fun of Domenica Calarco, prompting Daniel to respond via IG Stories.

“To all the crazies messaging me about this, we went to a restaurant called @karensdinersofficial where the theme is rude service jokes etc,” he wrote.

“One of those jokes the staff did was come up and put this over Olivia’s head. It was a funny thing that none of us had any part in, chill out.

“Not like we had a party dedicated to bullying another or anything. Btw sub to her OF.”

Credit: Instagram / Daniel Holmes.

Domenica ended up DMing Daniel in response.

“Funny? I call it delusional. A few snippets of a night where I showed emotion towards a person who caused me a lot of hurt doesn’t count as a hate party,” she wrote in Daniel’s DMs, which she later shared on her Instagram Stories.

“Get your facts straight,” she added, to which Daniel replied: “Cbf” before blocking her.

Idea: they should film the MAFS reunion at Karen’s Diner! Get the paper bags ready…