No One Could Handle Josh’s Mummy Jumping In To Protect Her Lil’ Baby Boy

While most of the chatter about MAFS online tonight revolved around THAT ENDING, where David was alerted to the (potential) fact that Hayley was hooking up with fellow star Michael in Darling Harbour (lol), there was another moment that captured fans attention – Josh and his mummy.

Yep, Josh has one of those helicopter mums that involve themselves in their son’s business. Well, we assume that’s the case judging by her behaviour tonight – basically, when Josh brought up that Cathy had been ignoring him for three days – for valid reasons, like maybe being a dismissive little shit about her very valid jealousy issues – she mildly lost it.

“Never ignore Josh again,” she said to Cathy, who could not fucking believe what was going down.

They sorted things out, but the rest of Australia did NOT.

LOL guys. Never stop with the hilarious tweets, please.