MAFS’ Jesse Got Into A Scrap With A TV Host & You’re Gonna Wanna Grab The Popcorn For This One

Married At First Sight (MAFS) star Jesse Burford had a tiff with Today Extra host David Campbell in a very awks interview which aired on Thursday.

Jesse was grilled about his role in the cheating scandal involving his on-screen wife, Claire Nomarhas and co-star Adam Seed. A comment from David Campbell sparked the argument after he suggested Jesse had something to do with his wife cheating on him with Adam, which is a pretty stale take ngl.

Campbell suggested that Jesse’s ‘picky’ and dismissive behaviour might’ve been the cause for the infidelity. Jesse, who was on the show via video link from Perth, accused the Channel Nine presenter of holding a grudge against him. He brought up the time Campbell rolled his eyes at the mention of his name, and also the time he called the MAFS star a ‘walking red flag’ whilst on air.

After Jesse shot back at the remarks David got immediately on the defensive. Campbell got shitty at this point and said: “Let me put it this way: we watched you on the show give your list of ‘icks’, shush [Claire], kind of ignore her [and] then when she goes and kisses somebody else, you get all manned-up and go, ‘Hey, hey, hey!’ Where’s your responsibility?”

The messiness continued with Jesse spending the rest of the interview sticking up for himself and his right to be an asshole on national television.

“Let me tell you about ‘the ick’. I’m glad you’ve given me the opportunity [to respond]. That was something that the show really exaggerated. I don’t care that Claire is into star signs or crystals. Good for her!” Jesse said.

“I’m not going to completely write her off as a person because she’s into something that I’m not.”

He then got into shush-gate, saying he wasn’t even rude to Claire when he told her to be quiet at an airport before they jetted off on their honeymoon because she was making a scene. If someone told me to shush, I’d show them what a scene really was tbh.

“I wasn’t rude — I was actually pretty kind about it, just raising her awareness and saying, ‘We should use our inside voice’,” Jesse said.

“And all of sudden I’m this fricken’ misogynist and shushing all women. It’s ridiculous, mate.”

Sorry, he really said “inside voice”, because treating your wife like a toddler is the antithesis of misogyny, apparently.

David — whose role in this scrap was to be the token bigger person — thanked Jesse for coming on Today Extra to “share his side of the story”.

Jesse also claimed he thought his MAFS edit was unfair, which is a common theme from people who have acted like dickheads on television and then gotten called out for it.

The MAFS star assured Campbell that he and Claire shared plenty of good times on their honeymoon. He claimed there were even times where she was disrespectful to him, but they were conveniently cut from the final edit.

This TV interview comes after Claire admitted to kissing Adam during a drunken night and effectively cheating on her on-screen husband.

Viewers have slammed Claire and called her a gaslighter after she lied about the cheating scandal and accused Jesse of just being “jealous”.

Honestly, I can’t even keep up with the couples this year. Let’s hope these are the no more TV tiffs outside of the MAFS franchise for the foreseeable future.