Yesterday, a video featuring MAFS contestants Jason Engler, Georgia Fairweather and Johnny Balbuziente went viral as it took aim at bisexual groom, Liam Cooper with gross homophobic language.

In the video, which was obtained by the So Dramatic! podcast, Engler calls Liam a “110% wanker” and repeatedly calls him “ugly, fat, chubby.”

He also uses homophobic slurs, labelling him “a full blown homosexual” while the other two fuckwits laugh along with him.

Jason has since apologised for what he said in the video in a lame-ass statement to Daily Mail Australia.

“I would like to sincerely apologise for my comments in regards to a fellow MAFS participant’s sexuality,” he said.

“After a few too many drinks I made some inappropriate remarks that I am ashamed of and greatly regret. I will learn from this and try to become a better person from this experience.”

Nah, mate. This wasn’t a mistake that you made as a teenager and have since spent years learning, growing and holding yourself accountable for, you’re 35-years-old and this literally happened over the weekend.

I’m not buying the “too many drinks” excuse either. Rarely a weekend goes by where I don’t partake in “too many drinks” and not a single video exists of me spouting hate speech. I just don’t have those evil thoughts and beliefs in me. But clearly it’s so surface level for these folks, that all it takes it a couple of vodka sodas for the hate speech to spew out.

That’s right, I’m lumping the two in with him because they’re equally responsible, as far as I’m concerned, because they not only allowed him to attack Liam, but they also encouraged it and laughed along with him. In fact, Georgia is the one who shared it to Instagram, meaning she wanted people to see their gross attack on Liam. Disgusting.

MAFS’ Jason Says He’s ‘Ashamed’ Of Homophobic Rant In Lame Apology & Yeah Mate, Ya Should Be

Georgia (left) with her MAFS groom Liam (right).

And how’s Liam coping with this, you ask? Well, an insider told Daily Mail Australia that he felt “absolutely betrayed and heartbroken” after watching the video.

“He called Jason, Georgia and Johnny out at the reunion because it was disgusting, but they didn’t own up to their actions,” the source said.

“They didn’t say it wasn’t okay or believe they did anything wrong… Georgia and Johnny have LGBTQI family and friends but not one of them stopped Jason.

“How would Johnny’s family feel if he heard that Johnny didn’t stop this? Georgia’s best mate who attended their wedding as a bridesmaid is also a gay man.”

The insider added that the video took a significant toll on Liam, who has “struggled mentally” and “lost a lot of weight” because of it.

So yeah, you’ll forgive me if I’m not buying Jason’s infantile excuse and think he, Georgia and Johnny shouldn’t be let off the hook for this.