MAFS’ Jake Edwards Has Finally Responded To *Those* Rumours About His Alleged Secret Contract

Jake Edwards

Season eight of MAFS has probably been the most chaotic and most drama-filled yet. However, unlike the ‘fun’ drama that occurred in season six when Martha famously poured wine on Cyrell, this season has had a lot of drama that happened off-screen. MAFSJake Edwards is one of the many contestants this season who has been bogged down by rumours. But he has now come out and said the hot-goss is not true.

Before the show even went to air, we published an article about how Jake Edwards allegedly cheated on his fiancé six weeks before they were due to get married. His ex dished the dirt in a series of Instagram stories discovered by podcast So Dramatic! The other major rumour circulating about our mate Jake was that he was promised a good edit, which is why he stuck around for the show.

Speaking on Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning Edwards has now addressed those rumours and revealed that he’s been feeling a lot anxiety over them.

“I know a couple of things have been said in the last 24 hours which has been very difficult to stomach, and a lot of it is completely not true,” Edwards said.

“I’ve been accused that my contract has something in it, that I’m guaranteed not to be edited in a bad light. I’d be more than happy to give my contract to you guys to read, for someone to read it out and go through it and tell me if there is anything in there about me that guaranteed me not to be edited in a bad light.

“It’s just complete lies that have been said, it’s actually really hard to kind of deal with.”

Whether or not these rumours are true, it would be hard to be lambasted by the public every day. Edwards has also been very open about his anxiety and depression battle, so there is no doubt the negative attention has opened up some old wounds.

At one point, Edwards nearly broke down and told Chrissie that “it makes [him] kind of upset thinking about” all the rumours.

“I’ve been waking up with fear and anxiety for the last six weeks about what’s been said and what’s been written,” Edwards said.

But if there’s one piece of advice Jake Edwards has it’s DO NOT go on MAFS. Yes, you may become an instant D-lister, but at what cost to your own sanity?