This week the MAFS cast for season eight was revealed to the public. However, one of those cast members has come under fire for his unsavoury past.

Jake Edwards was announced as one of the contestants selected for MAFS this year. On paper he looks great, ex-AFL player, charity CEO, good-looking…But it has now been revealed that Edwards is allegedly a cheater and a liar.  So if you’ve watched literally any MAFS, you’ll know that makes him the perfect candidate for the show.

So Dramatic! did some digging and discovered that Jake apparently cheated on his fiancé six-weeks before their wedding.

A number of women have spoken out about these rumours, including his ex-fiancé. According to So Dramatic! Paige (her last name wasn’t disclosed) shared Jake’s MAFS bio on her Instagram, with the caption: “The lies have started…get ready for all the bullshit that comes from his mouth everyone.”

His bio states that he was “previously engaged” and “ended the relationship when he realised he didn’t love her anymore.” But according to a source close to his fiancé, she actually ended things when she discovered that he has been cheating on her for over three months.

The friend also said that Paige didn’t know Jake was going to be on the show until the rest of the public knew and she was “devastated” by the news.

“Who could possibly get ready for a wedding when he [ Jake Edwards ] was supposed to be marrying the love of his life nine months prior?? It’s just selfish. Paige is devastated. I can’t believe he would go on a show so quickly after what he did to her,” they told So Dramatic!

“And it’s going to bring up a lot of hurt and past trauma for her to see the man that she was supposed to be marrying, marrying someone else, and on national television.”

Another friend of Paige also spoke to So Dramatic! and said: “There will be a line-up of girls waiting to spill on this guy.”

“He only cares about himself. He’s a total pig. Karma will get him eventually,” they added.

Can’t believe there’s already been a cheating scandal, and the season hasn’t even started.

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